BConnected has 20 years of experience in providing the most suitable candidate to suit the job either on a full-time, part-time, temporary or outsourced basis. We take on the total responsibility from receiving applications to short listing and selection of candidates allowing corporates to concentrate on their business at hand. Over the years, BConnected has undertaken all recruitment related work for a large number of clients, from international organisations, to private sector organisations located in Sri Lanka. BConnected also has a database of candidates which allows us to provide outsourced staff for clients on special contracts, thus relieving the client of administrative responsibilities.

Recruitments for NGOs

Candidates no longer have to spam their CVs to every company. BConnected offers valuable job vacancies at reputed corporates in Sri Lanka. Whether candidates are looking for an entry level vacancy or looking for a job vacancy in senior positions, BConnected has a reputation of matching qualifications, experience and aspirations of candidates to the most suitable job vacancy at a company in Sri Lanka.

Some of the most sought after Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Sri Lanka partner with us to find them candidates for job vacancies in Sri Lanka.

Recruitments for the corporate world


Job Opportunities Sri Lanka

B-Connected offers you a chance to acquire your dream job. We partner with many NGOs, Corporates, and international conglomerates to provided many successful postings for job seekers in Sri Lanka. If you are having trouble securing a job in Sri Lanka that matches your qualification and experience, look no further. We offer:

Job Opportunities for School leavers – Part time and Full time placements

We provide the best opportunity to find jobs in Sri Lanka and Career development with Sri Lankan companies. 

Job opportunities at NGOs

Find your placement in some of the most sought after Non Governmental Organizations in Sri Lanka. 

Job opportunities at corporates and companies

You no longer have to spam your CV to all companies. B-Connected offers you valuable job opportunities at reputed corporate establishments in Sri Lanka. Whether you are looking for an entry level vacancy or a looking for a job opportunity in the senior ranks, we have a reputation of matching your qualification and experience to the most suitable position at a company.

Jobs Vacancies in Sri Lanka for Candidates

BConnected offers job seekers a chance for a dream career. We partner with many NGOs, corporates, and international conglomerates to provide successful postings for candidates in Sri Lanka. If you are having trouble securing a job that matches your qualification, experience and career aspirations, look no further than BConnected. We are here to help you help yourselves.

Our on-going job opportunities include:

Part-time and full-time recruitments for school leavers

This is the best opportunity to find jobs in Sri Lanka and develop your career with Sri Lankan corporates.


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