Corporate Events and Conferences

BConnected is geared to organise corporate events and conferences for clients in a hassle free and convenient manner. As a corporate events organiser, BConnected has the expertise to carefully plan your event from start to finish, giving due attention to the most mundane of details. Our staff of in-house and external partners are all well experienced professionals with the objective of ensuring client satisfaction with a memorable and rewarding event.

Over the last 20 years, BConnected has successfully organised and managed conferences, meetings, and seminars for bilateral and multilateral donors, government ministries, leading corporates, and associations. BConnected has also organised workshops for NGOs and other professionals, as well as special events like the HRM Awards for leading corporates and associations in Sri Lanka.

BConnected offers clients a turnkey event management solution from designing and planning to implementation of the event or conference, including a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy.The process starts with the compilation of a detailed “check list” in collaboration with clients input, followed by BConnected taking on all the arrangements from organising meetings with the client, drawing up agendas, keeping minutes to ensuring every decision is implemented and all work is scheduled according to a time plan.

We also handle all secretarial work for corporate events including hotel reservations, travel, cultural programmes, printing of invitations, brochures and handouts, photo shoots, and souvenirs. BConnected is also in a position to undertake all communications from start to the end of an event assuring our best services to our clients. Our services conclude when we provide our clients with a total record of the corporate event/conference inclusive of photographs in hard and soft copy formats.



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